Traffic Exchanges

Online Ad Tracking Defined and Explained!

Online ad tracking helps you to determine where your clicks and sales came from so that you can utilize your advertising and get a better return on your dollar. You can’t hit the basket without a ball.  But here’s the deal, you can’t throw the ball without a player, right?  The coach wants to know what […]

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Set Yourself Up for Success using Traffic Exchanges!

Learn how to use traffic exchanges and set yourself up for success! In a previous article I explained how to use traffic exchanges properly in order to build your list and make money doing it.  Today we are going to discuss how to set yourself up for success with traffic exchanges! Assmptions!  Could get you […]

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How to Use Traffic Exchanges? Use them right!

Ok, so let’s talk about how to use Traffic Exchanges! This is one of the most controversial methods of generating traffic on the internet.  A lot of people tell you that Traffic Exchanges don’t work and a lot of people tell you that they do.  Learning how to use traffic exchanges right is the key! So […]

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