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Writer’s Block while creating content for websites and blogs!

Ever get writer’s block? Or for that matter does the word writing and content create a block before you ever get started.  How about your mindcreating content for websites and blogs, creating blog content, creating content goes completely blank? Creating content for websites and blogs can be both complicated and very easy.

I freeze up when someone starts talking to me about writing content for websites and blogs or even an ad.  I’ve been doing this for a while now and it still happens.

Over the course of my time online, I’ve picked up a few ideas and wanted to share them with you.  Hopefully these points will help you like it did me.

When you are creating content for websites and  blogs, you need to have a plan of action. Whatever you are trying to write or communicate to your audience needs to grab their attention and get them to follow a plan of action.  Let’s say traffic, since that is what I’m teaching right now.

  • Look for articles that have anything to say about traffic. Noticing the word traffic in everything I read has become routine for me.
  • Copy articles that you read online and save them for later use or reading.
  • Notice headlines in those emails. I copy them and put them in a folder.
  • Check out ezine articles sometimes, not always! I copy parts from them and add them to an ideas folder.
  • I also listen to videos about the subject, i.e. You Tube, or videos linked to an email I receive. Take notes!
  • Sometimes I also use PLR content or free reports

Creating content for websites and blogs using PLR content!

We all of us sign up for free stuff right?  I download reports, articles, etc. and forget that I ever signed up for them.  I decided to go through my reports, ebooks and PLR articles to get them organized.  You know it goes all the way back to 2005.  Kinda sad huh?

While I was doing all this organizing I actually had one of those “Wow!” Moments.  Do you know that I have a lot of content about my favorite  topic of the hour!  TRAFFIC! I actually decided to build a website about it.

After I started reading some of the stuff I really was impressed with how much actual indepth training was available in those articles and reports.  I organized it on my external hard drive into folders about each topic dealing with types of traffic and then begin comparing notes.

Getting Organized!

I created a folder for headlines that appeal to me personally and I also created folders about different types of traffic that I was interested in and wanted to know more about.

  • Cost Per Action (CPA)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Safelists
  • Video Traffic
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And the list goes on!

Comparing and reading some of this information and taking notes gave me some great ideas.  Cuting and pasting phrases, paragraphs, etc. helped me get it organized and guess what?  I found out I had a lot of articles already written.  I added my own thoughts to the information I already had and Creating content for websites and blogs, be creative, creating contentnow I have some really good content and have gained a lot more knowledge about the topic I am interested in.

Do you realise you probably could even create a simple ebook out of that content.  Creating content for websites can actually be a lot easier than you think.

Make sure that you add your own thoughts and experiences to the articles, then combine some information and guess what?  You have content?  You have officially finished creating content for your websites.

I just wanted to share my ideas about this in the hopes that I may help you to beat writers block and your own fears of writing content for websites, a blog or emails!

Here’s to your success in 2020!

Donnie Ellis

Traffic Tips 4 U

PS  Check out this article “Let’s talk about writing content”.

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