Darren Olanders Viral Mailers

I created this banner page for Darren Olanders Viral Mailers. These mailers provide me with excellent click thru rates and signups. I recommend them highly.

Here are some of the features and benefits of Darren Olanders Viral Mailers:

  • These lists provide responsive email advertising. The members are highly active and very motivated.
  • Free members are able to email every member in the list depending on the amount of credits that you have.
  • Each list offers a built in click through tracking system with a full history of all emails sent
  • Every list offers a built in click through tracking system with a full history of all emails sent
  • All members are eligible to win free bonus email ads, free credits, free login ads and free banner ads.
  • List members can participate in the One-A-Day Bonus programs. It keeps the membership active and brings you lots of unique traffic!
  • The lists pay 40% commissions or more for referrals, upgrades and advertising purchases.
  • You will receive a monthly reward code on the 6th of every month for 500 credits. Enter the promo code and click 25 emails to activate it. Do this on each of Darren Olanders Viral Mailers as long as you are an active member.

As soon as you join Adchiever enter the promo code NEW MEMBER and receive free credits. You will be required to click 10-25 emails to activate it.    

Adchiever offers unique loyalty rewards (achievement points) that make each email ad you read become more and more valuable. You earn them by reading emails and from referrals.

After joining Build My Downlines enter the promo code N9V7WT1. Click the required number of emails to active the code for free credits.  As a member before you join a site – do it through Build My Downlines and get paid! Discover new sites and get rewarded for it!

Advertisers can create an offer to build your list or to get signups to any affiliate program or website – and YOU get to choose how much or little to give for each signup!

Build My Downlines is a marketplace where advertisers and members work together. All of the members receive reputation, reliability scores, and feedback to ensure it is a safe and rewarding experience for everyone.

When you join Downline Maxx enter the promo code NEWMEMBER and click the emails required to activate the code. Downline Maxx allows its members to use Maxx Points to Buy/Sell or Rent/Lease downline programs. Claim multiple downline positions for any programs you want, so you get signups from other lists. Earn more by being an active member such as free banner ads, login ads, mailing credits, and even free MaxxPoints for buying or renting downline spots! Earn 40% commissions while building a downline that becomes more and more valuable over time!

Sign up free now, then activate reward code NEWJUMPER to earn 300 bonus mailing credits as soon as you read 10 emails. Sending an email ad to our list is as easy as filling out your email content and clicking send! You can earn your sends for free or purchase any upgrade!

In marketing & advertising you always want to be sure your brand is recognizable. You have the option to display your photo and social media details with your ads.

Getting a return on your investment (time and/or money) is key. You won’t need to spend hours every day collecting credits. Instead, a short amount of time daily can reap outstanding rewards.

Out of all of Darren Olanders Viral Mailers, List Surfing offers some unique opportunities.

List Surfing is an effective manual traffic exchange blended with a viral list builder and the power of social media. Since that is a mouth full, let’s break it down.

Two Systems in One

manual traffic exchange generally works as a peer to peer advertising system whereas by viewing other people’s sites you will get other people to view yours.

viral list builder generally works the same way except instead of viewing just a website, you receive e-mails in exchange for sending your own e-mail to the list.

They both work on a credit basis, meaning you either have to purchase credits or earn those credits by viewing more members’ sites or e-mails. Your credits will be spent on sending your own e-mail or getting your site seen.

We have experienced great results advertising on both types of systems, but with List Surfing we have done something entirely unique…

Credits Not Required but Useful

Clicking for credits is not required to get your website seen in our Traffic Exchange rotation system. This basically allows you to get double the amount of exposure from List Surfing. In addition to sending your e-mail advertisements, your sites also get unlimited visitors from our site rotator as long as you are “active”. Staying in active status is easy, all you have to do to qualify is view 50 sites a month, as well as 5 e-mails each month. This generally takes only about 20 minutes… and in return could send you hundreds or thousands of visitors! For the amount of effort you have to agree that is a HUGE return. Alternatively, you can purchase the Always Active upgrade and never need to view sites or e-mails.

Surfing Will Earn Mailing Credits

Surfing is the term used for when you view other member’s websites within the traffic exchange rotation system. While surfing you don’t need to earn credits for getting your site shown (since it will already get unlimited visitors in rotation if you are active) you will earn mailing credits instead. You can then use the mailing credits you earned during surfing towards sending your offers through the member mailing system just like you would through a viral list builder.

We also wanted to reward you for reading mails… so every time you click and view the earn impressions link within mails you receive from our member mailing system you will earn free banner and text ad impressions! This is another great way to increase your exposure to the membership and maximize your results.

We believe after surfing at List Surfing you will want to make us your primary traffic exchange!

Here are a few benefits that make us proud…

Thumbnail Surfing

You get to choose the next site you want to see from your choice of thumbnails. Thumbnails make surfing easy and fun! Our sophisticated anti-cheat makes sure you only get real website visitors, so the value of the credits you earn is REAL.

Social Integration

Users can share your site on facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, linkedin, and more… directly from their surf session. They will also see your profile card, and can visit your profile to leave you a comment or even opt-in to your list!

Feedback and Interaction

Comments are posted on the site when it is displayed. This means as an advertiser you can get valuable feedback on what people think about your page or offer. Other members can see other member’s comments which can increase your conversions greatly! You can respond to concerns and get users to understand and take action!


Chat is a great way to not only keep people viewing each site longer than required. It also keeps users alert and receptive. It is also a great tool to ask questions, or just to network with other like-minded members. With your profile image and name showing up everywhere you will create a sense of familiarity and trust so when your site is viewed users will be even more responsive.

Surf Awards

You can earn ribbons that you can show off on your profile and member card… for surfing, reading mails, getting your sites liked, tweeting, referrals, and more!

Additionally, you can obtain more credits by either winning the daily surf drawings or winning guaranteed surf rewards!

Email Awards

In the same way we’ve described all the social aspects while surfing, you will also notice the same features when you view mails and click on the earn impressions links. This alone is a totally unique feature in viral list building.. but we didn’t stop there!

In List Surfing, members will only receive mails if they want to. This means you are only spending credits on sending to users who will open and read your mail! And here’s another first…

Only members who have interacted with mails within the last 3 months are eligible to receive any mail. Members are automatically set to vacation mode if they do not read any emails sent to them. This ensures that your mailings will have ridiculously high click through rates!

Advertising Options

Our full website views and e-mail ads are only part of what is available to you here at List Surfing. We have made even more advertising options available such as Featured Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Start Pages, Login Ads, and more. You can even place an opt-in box on your profile.

When you advertise your text or banner ad with us, you are reaching visitors across any website where our publishers installed one of our ad blocks. This means huge reach!

We accept many different banner sizes: 468×60, 120×600, 125×125, 300×250,  and 728×90

We also share SOURCE stats with you, so you will know exactly what site your visitors came from and you can even block that site from showing your ads if you want.

Lowest Rates

We offer a flat rate CPC (Cost Per Click) for our banner and text ads. This means there is no hassle of bidding over other advertisers for outrageous prices. Your cost per click depends only on where the visitor is coming from. It can be as low as 6 cents from most countries and up to only 18 cents for United States visitors. You don’t pay for impressions, only for legitimate clicks that lead to your advertised website.

Join us at Darren Olanders Viral Mailers. I will be emailing you more reward codes that you can use.

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