14 Tips for the New Year

I read this article written by Arun Chandrun.  He had some good solid advice to offer anyone who is involved in the Internet Marketing or Make Money Online Niche.  Actually its good advice for anyone who wants to earn an income online.

He titled it 14 Tips for the New Year.  He kickstarts it off with Choose a Proven Business Model.

That statement all by itself should put you on alert and keep you reading.

Here you go!

Choose a Proven Business Model

This is the most important point of the lot.  Get this wrong and you are screwed.

Kindle Publishing is a proven business model.  Affiliate Marketing is a proven business model. So is dropshipping, Amazon FBA, creating and launching infoproducts, etc.

You absolutely must choose a Proven Business Model.  How do you know it is proven, it’s simple.  Other people are making money from it.

Here’s were most newbies get it wrong.   They buy cheap infoproducts that promise riches by showing you “secret sauces”, “untapped traffic methods”,  “viral traffic loop holes, etc.

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