How To Get Facebook Traffic To Your Site

Facebook traffic is one of the best free ways, to bring traffic to your site. Millions of people use Facebook every day, so finding your target audience is no problem.

Facebook uses messenger as well and is the best way to talk to your potential leads out of any platform. With emojis, gifs, voice messages, video calls, and several other ways to let your personality show, you can build a personal relationship with the traffic you bring in.

Facebook is a social media platform and must be updated daily if you want to expand your reach. When you post the same things, about the same product, consistently your audience will start to get interested. So post daily to show you the best results. 


Your profile page will be the home of your business here, so make sure it looks nice and professional. You will want a profile picture that shows your face, and a cover photo that tells exactly who you help, and how you help them.

The bio and details should match the text on your cover photo and have a link to your website. This will be the main link you are leading your traffic to. Below that, add any more details you wish to such as workplace or hometown.

When you make a post on Facebook do not include your link. Facebook will lower your organic reach if an outside link is posted. Instead have a call to action to look at your profile page, comment, or message you. You can add the link in comments or messages.

Set your profile and posts to be public. No one will ever see your content if you have them in private settings. You also want to allow anyone to add you as a friend. Once you start making interesting posts that get a lot of engagement people will seek you out, but they can’t if your profile is all private.

Here’s a video to help explain how your profile should look on Facebook.

Groups and pages

Groups and pages are some of the best features on Facebook to find your targeted audience and start generating traffic to your site.

All you have to do is join groups in your niche, engage with members, and build a relationship. Now they actually like and trust you so it will be all that much easier when you try to lead them to the link from your profile. Sometimes they might be interested to learn more about you, and just go take a look themselves.

These groups already have hundreds or thousands of people in your niche, that will be interested in what you have. That is why finding these groups and becoming a valuable member there will certainly bring you the right kind of traffic.

You can even start becoming a leader in your community and start a Facebook group or page. This will show others you are serious about what you do, and it gives you a chance to steer the community in the direction you like.

Stories and reels

Adding short videos of yourself is a good way to get your audience to feel a deeper connection to you. When they feel like they know you on a personal level, they become more interested in and trusting of you. Then the next time they see you adding value in a post and directing them to your webpage, it becomes all the easier to get a new lead.

Stories stay at the top of the Facebook site/app and only last for 24 hours. You can see who has viewed or liked your story. Use this information to reach out to someone consuming a lot of your content every day.

Reels are vertical short videos. Typically when Facebook users scroll through reels it is for entertainment. This is not the time for a sales pitch, but to reach a larger audience and direct them to your profile. Once they are on your profile, it is already set up to drive traffic and get leads.


Facebook is one of the best places to find traffic. There are many features on Facebook you can use to drive this traffic to your site and generate some leads. Millions of users are already on Facebook, all you have to do is find the right users to grow your business.

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