Reflections! I guess it’s that time of the year

During this last week I’ve been going over some of the things that I have done or not done during 2023 to get my online business up and running better? There you have it! Reflections! I guess it’s that time of year, right?

Getting Organized!

Get the eggs in one basket

What an awful word!  But, ok, I guess this is something that I need to do! Let’s get all the eggs in one basket.  I started trying to organize my hard drive.  You know get the pictures in one area and set up in folders so that I can upload them to my website easier.  Going through those pictures to see if there is anything that I can use to go with my blog.

When I got to that spot, I decided that maybe I needed to organize some of my notes and put pictures with them.  I figured that would help me to come up with some ideas and content for new posts and articles.  I guess it’s that time of the year, right?

Really a pretty sharp idea.  Implementing it could be another problem.  But I did get started.  I’ve noticed that reflections can create problems!  What about you?

Utilizing what I already Have!

Now that is a major issue!  Do you know that over the last ten years I have collected a lot of stuff on line.  I’ve purchased a lot of products, software, e-books and articles.  Oh yes and a lot of pictures too!  Did I mention that before?

So along with the thought I mentioned previously about creating folders for ideas, I now have to add some of the content, articles and notes I have jotted down to my ideas folders.  Ok, this is getting a little complex, but then maybe I need to get this done.

I am resolving to utilize what I already have instead of keep collecting more information.  No wonder people suffer from information overload.  Heck I don’t even read half of the stuff I buy, do you?  That’s really ashamed! This reflections stuff could get bad!

Spend less money and get creative!

Be Creative

Spending less money could be a problem!  I’m kind of an information freak!  I know that there is so much to learn and I want to get good up to date information!  The content that I have stored on my hard drive is amazing! Some of it is really good stuff and some of it is pretty lousy!  So ok I’ll add this to my list too!

Staying Focused by Reflections!

Are you having trouble staying focused so that you can accomplish those goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? Check out the 7 Simple Steps for touching daily magic!

I don’t know about you but I think I’ve got my work cut out for me for the year 2024!

Thanks for reading this!

PS Your comments are always welcome!  What do you need to change around for your business.

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