Set Yourself Up for Success using Traffic Exchanges!

Learn how to use traffic exchanges and set yourself up for success!

In a previous article I explained how to use traffic exchanges properly in order to build your list and make money doing it.  Today we are going to discuss how to set yourself up for success with traffic exchanges!

Assmptions!  Could get you into trouble!

using traffic exchanges, putting it together, set yourself up for success with traffic exchanges

  • Starting from scratch.
  • On a tight budget
  • Don’t want to pay for hosting and build a website right now.
  • Need to start building your list and don’t have a clue?
  • Way to darn many decisions to make!
  • Tired and frustrated! Need to see something happen

So Ok, let’s repeat a few things!

You need to brand yourself and build your list!  This is what traffic exchanges can help you do!

Do not try to advertise your main product or affiliate product on traffic exchanges!  Sell yourself and then email your list to sell your main product.

Here are some steps that will help you get to where you need to go!

  1. First priority, stay organized and stay focused. You will need to keep a spreadsheet so you have your programs, referral ids  and login information for the sites you are joining at your fingertips.  Save yourself a lot of heartache and hard work.  You can find a spreadsheet under google documents, MS Word or Open Office.
  2. Go ahead, sign up for the top 10 ranked traffic exchanges.They are all free traffic exchange sites.  You can also get information from TE Hoopla for the top 12 ranked traffic exchanges. Just set your profile up for right now.  Don’t add your websites yet.
  3. Sign up for a couple of good rotators. Two especially good ones that you can use are Explosive Traffic and Viral TE Coop.

Here are the tools and software that you need to start the branding process!

  1. Get yourself set up with a couple of Splash Pages Builders. The one that I use is Create Splash Pages.  You can join as a free member and they will host three splash pages for you. Two of them would be a good start. They should be unique and should encourage your visitors to join your newsletter or emailing list.  Just open your account right now.  We will discuss strategy here shortly.
  2. You must have an autoresponder! You will need the autoresponder code to put into your squeeze/capture page.  Send Pulse offers a free account for 500 subscribers and 15000 emails.  This is a really good start up account.  If you wish to upgrade the prices are very reasonable, definitely less than Get Response and Aweber.  Another recommendation for a low budget is the European Safelist.  They have a very good autoresponder for upgraded members.  The silver membership is $3 a month and includes the autoresponder.  Get Response offers a 30 day trial where you can utilize all the basic autoresponder services with 1000 subscribers and no restrictions on the amount of emails that you can send.  After the 30 day trial the cost is $15 a month.  Aweber is one of the leading autoresponders.  They are now offering a free membershp with 500 subscribers/contacts and only one autoresponder campaign. This a great way to get started with
    a top quality service.
  3. You are going to need a page that will allow you to list your traffic exchanges and your favorite programs. You can get a page at both Traffic Hoopla and Affiliate Funnel.
  4. Last but not least. Track your results so you can see what converts and what doesn’t.  Hits Connect  is a very good link tracker.  They offer a free account where you can have 10 tracking campaigns.  Viral URL is free and I believe unlimited.
  5. You need something to give away. You can write a real quick report or ebook or you can use the Affiliate Funnel Guide, the TE Maximizer Ebook or The Traffic Report by TE Profits.

Let’s talk strategy and put it together!

Remember knowledge is power, but you have to apply it first! When you apply the knowledge you will set yourself up for success with Traffic Exchanges.

using traffic exchanges

Create your Splash/Capture Pages with a free ebook or report offer.  Assign a tracking url to both capture pages and integrate the splash pages with your autoresponder.  Create a thank you/download page and link that to your Money Page that lists your programs.

Use the tracking links for your Splash Pages and enter them into your Rotators.  Just promote your Splash Pages in the Rotators.

Now create tracking links for your rotators.  Enter the rotator sites (with tracking links) into the different Traffic Exchanges that you have joined. Set up your traffic exchanges using the rotator banners.  Add your Rotator tracking link to the banners.  Now start surfing and watch what happens.  Visitors will click on your Splash Page links, join your list and then be redirected to the download page for their ebook along with the opportunity to look at your Money Page.

Set up some simple emails with these same instructions in your autoresponder so that your subscribers can duplicate your efforts.  Promote your money page and other programs through the email follow up series.

There you go.  You build your list, build a relationship with your subscribers and make some money from your main programs.  You will see the results and set yourself up for success using Traffic Exchanges.

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Here’s to your success in 2020!

Donnie Ellis

As always your comments are welcome!

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