Viral Mailers with a Twist

In case you haven’t noticed, Safelists and Viral Mailers are evolving.

The Your Viral Network consists of 26 sites that are integrated together to form a massive traffic resource. Each of the sites has unique pieces that make up the complete puzzle. There are 22 viral mailers in the Your Viral Network, each site has over 1000 very active members who look at your advertising opportunity.

The Benefits of Viral Mailers:

  • Join for free
  • Earn a premium upgrade by passing up 5 referrals to your sponsor
  • You are not bombarded with advertisements before you can get into the members area. (Nada)
  • You are not required to view several advertisements before you get to the members area.
  • If you have the credits you can mail to the entire membership.
  • You can build your own list and your downline at the same time (no extra charge).
  • Inactive members are removed so you don’t waste your credits.
  • You can link all of the Your Viral Network sites together.
  • All of the Your Viral Network sites integrate with the top three autoresponder services.
  • Scheduling your emails for later dates is an option that you have with every mailer.

Your Viral List

Your Viral List is the hub in the middle of all the other sites. It is not one of the viral mailers. This site gives free members a free lead magnet of their choice (from over 100) that can be used to build the members email list. Premium members receive their choice of two lead magnets a month. You can build your list of subscribers and your downline at the same time. If you do not have an autoresponder or the one you have does not integrate with the Your Viral Network, you can copy your subscribers information and enter them into your own autoresponder. In other words, the name of your subscriber and their email address is available to you.

The Email Wizard

Have a hard time writing email ads and follow ups? Your Viral List also has a program called the Email Wizard. In the Email Wizard, you can follow the step by step instruction videos as you build your own email, paragraph by paragraph, from scratch. You just insert the specific information about your program in the template. At the end, it even helps you with headline templates to create a unique subject line for your email!

When your email is complete, it stores it in your library so you can come back at any time in the future to copy and paste it wherever you promote.

Traffic Wise

You will also find Traffic Wise at Your Viral List and at some of the other sites. Traffic Wise consolidates all the tracking information from all the sites in the Your Viral Network, including Your Success Advantage into a single consolidated Best Converting Sites list. Now you see the best converting sites from over 1.3 million visits tracked in the last 30 days!

You can link all of the Your Viral Network sites together. If you login to one of the sites to send an email then you can clone that same email to all the other sites and send it out. That mean with one email and a few clicks you can email 35,000 subscribers at one time as long as you have enough credits.

Here is a list of each of the Your Viral Network Sites. Join for free and check out the membership areas. Look at the things that I have mentioned to you in this email and utilize them.

Here is to Your Success in 2020!

Donnie Ellis

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