What are CPA Networks all about?

What are CPA Networks?

CPA Networks are the middleman.  The Networks are a marketplace where advertisers can publish their Quetions about CPA Networks!offers, and publishers (affiliates) can apply for and promote them.  CPA networks provide a centralized space for agencies to make their offers available.

First a little background!

Businesses popped up everywhere when online marketing became popular.  Publishers and advertisers took advantage of the lack of regulations for online advertising.  They blasted people with ads without having to be accountable for questionable practices.

Publishers and advertisers were conducting crooked marketing operations, and to some extent still do.  They were advertising offers that were “too good to be true” .  Many publishers fell for them anyway, blindfolded by the prospect of making a quick buck.

New Regulations Set In place!

CPA Networks were created to regulate selling and advertising online activities.  Networks required advertisers to register with them.  The advertisers were then verified and their backgrounds were checked.  The advertisers that could be verified were getting the offers.

Advertisers will not approve just anyone to promote their offer.  It is no longer good for business. Publishers need to apply to a CPA network before they can start advertising CPA offers.

Benefits for Advertisers 

CPA networks work as a regulating body against bad marketing practices on the internet.  They also work for the greater benefit of both advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers find pre-approved, low-risk and committed individuals to run their campaigns.  It also means that they can house their offer in just one place and have access to a wider audience of publishers.

Benefits for Publishers

The CPA Networks can have a worldwide reach.  They give the publisher greater chances of brand recognition. For publishers, it means that they have the chance to search for offers that they would like to promote, with many options available from many different pre-approved advertisers, so they can try them out at any time.

Another great thing that CPA networks offer to publishers is the chance of working under an advertising manager, which can advise them on taking offers and running campaigns based on their experience and budgets.

Guaranteed Results

CPA networks guarantee that both advertisers and publishers see results. Advertisers will see results in the form of conversions.  They get to approve the publisher promoting their campaigns based on the publisher’s track record in the network.

For publishers, it means having the chance to check out the full details of the offer and see it live before deciding to promote it. They can check the payout offered, the actions required and the landing page that is used for the offer.

The CPA network guarantees prompt and secure payout to publishers. Payments made to publishers are handled by the network itself and not by the advertisers. The advertisers only pay for results.

How can you approach CPA Networks as a publisher?

There are some basic things that you should know about CPA networks before applying for one.

First, not all CPA networks work the same. Yes, the basic functions and structure might be the same, but the terms under which you will be working differ from one network to another.

Secondly, you’ll have to be approved before you can start looking for offers on any of them. You’ll need to hand them some information about you, and have a chat with their team when you sign up.

Lastly, and this is important, it is easier to get into some CPA networks than it is others. Some CPA networks require their publishers to have some experience in online marketing, and some of them need them to be proficient at online advertising and be able to prove it.

Choose Your CPA Networks Carefully!

There are some CPA networks that only require you to disclose that you are practicing, and have some recent experience in online marketing. These are the ones that you want to start with.

Remember, they will be conducting a background check on your experience as an online marketer.

If some of the top ones find out that you’re just telling them that you’re experienced to get in without having something to back you up, they will reject you and not give you any second chances. That means that you won’t be able to come back to work with them even after you collect some experience working on other networks.

It is important for you to start at a low profile and go up from there. Apply for the low-profile ones, which incidentally happen to be the most popular ones, and then move onwards to the top tier ones.

You can check for yourself on www.affpaying.com and see which ones would work better for you.

Here’s to your success!

Donnie Ellis

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