An overview of Pay Per Click Advertising!

Pay Per Click Advertising Explained!

Every business owner needs traffic or customers to build their business. Pay Per Click advertising (otherwise known as PPC) is an online marketing tactic where advertisers take advantage of websites, social media and search engines to promote their products and services and get traffic to achieve their ultimate goal of making money.

How does Pay Per Click Work?

Ever asked yourself “how does pay per click work”.  I sure have!

Advertisers pay when their ads are clicked. It is one of the fastest ways to

Clicking can equal money

generate immediate targeted traffic to your website. It is a result-oriented pull-type marketing technique. The major search engines that provide Pay Per Click advertising are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads).

There is another form of marketing called CPA or Cost Per Action.  This is not the same thing as Pay Per Click.  PPC requires the potential customer to click on a link. CPA requires the customer to complete a certain action, i.e., fill out a survey or some type of form.

Employing Pay Per Click advertising with your marketing campaign allows you to calculate your cost per click opposite to your conversion. It also assists to evaluate sales to compute Return on Investment (ROI). It is a cost-efficient way to reach your prospective audience while other online marketing techniques are steadily struggling to get the organic ranking potential.

PPC Advertising is based on a silent auction

Advertisers bid on a keyword to get relevant traffic (customers) who are searching for a specific product and services.

When visitors enter a query into a search engine including the keywords, the search engine shows the relevant ads related to those keywords. These ads generally appear on the top and right side of organic search results on independent websites. The ads are generally placed in the most auspicious location on the publisher website.

If you use A/B split-testing and optimize it accordingly, it will cut-down your cost per click and improve your conversion rate. With the Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising

advertising method you can take benefit of certain advantages such as fast measurable results, targeted traffic, only pay for each click, raise organic search listings, providing control of your budget and scheduling.  Clicks when handled properly will equal money.

PPC Marketing plays some major roles in –

Campaign and issue based traffic:

PPC is ideal for launching a new product and providing a short term course for that. Pay-Per-Click can be a significant method to initiate fizz. If you want a product specific campaign for a long time, PPC is ideal.

Direct Response:

If you deal in a specific product and service, visitors can be turned into buying customers the moment they visit your site using PPC.  PPC is a great method and business model for this.  Every click can provide you with a potential customer who will purchase your product or service.  Using your budget wisely can get you a lot more clicks which leads to potential customers and it definitely makes sense to utilize PPC.

Niche Traffic:

Are you looking to achieve huge amount of traffic for highly determined keywords?  PPC also allows negotiation. You don’t need to pay for the top keyword and get caught up in costly bidding, you can choose some similar keyword that is more relevant to your products and less expensive.

PPC campaigns are also productive and provide traffic when you are going to announce new products.  You can run a lead generating program where visitors need to fill out a form to initiate the sales funnel and offer for a limited time period with your PPC campaign.

Increase your market appeal and get a flood of traffic using PPC in your advertising campaign.  You can build an instant online existence in no time and get more Return on Investment (ROI) if you do it the right way.

Website Ranking and SEO:

Pay Per Click advertising can help you to build your list and sell your products quickly and effectively.  Bidding on related keywords that are relevant to an advertiser’s business and market, and geographical location will place ads on search engine results as the customers look for their products and services with the keywords which increases your website rankings.

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