Common Mistakes Users commit on Twitter

Twitter is an exciting and extremely profitable social network site. Millions of people are now using the site to talk about various subjects. Indeed, it is a micro-blogging site for those who can’t stop talking.  There are also some common mistakes that most new users commit on Twitter.

Before you start sending tweets, you must be aware of these common mistakes.

The picture on your avatar is not yours.

Most new users don’t post their real picture. They often use cartoon pictures, company logos, or their pet’s pictures. Although the pictures are quite cute, most Twitter users will appreciate a real picture of you.

  • When you post your true picture on Avatar, others will think that you’re real and that you’re confident enough to let others see you.
  • If you’re going to upload a photo, choose the ones where you give a beautiful smile. A smile can easily brighten the day of others.

Sending direct messages automatically through the AutoDM.

  • AutoDM direct messages are often impersonal and pushy. If you send this type of messages, you can lose your followers.
  • TweetLater is another tool that sends automatic messages. When you use these tools, messages are automatically sent to those who follow you. A message saying ‘thanks for following me’ is fine but sending automated messages promoting your business or product is not a good idea and most people will just frown at them.

Do you have any followers?

  • If you want to have followers, you need to follow people or you can at least create an interesting profile page.
  • You can get followers by regularly posting updates. If you keep
    on following people and yet you don’t make updates on your page, you can’t get enough followers.

If you keep on promoting your business all the time, everyone will ‘unfollow’ you. 

  • No one likes a person who talks about his business or product most of the time.  You must learn to respect others. As you may have forgotten, Twitter is a social network.
  • You must learn how to communicate and build good relationships before you start bombarding them with promotions. Even if you already have a good list of leads, it is still not a good idea to barrage them with promotions.
  • Promotional tweets should be sent in limited numbers only.

Spamming with Hashtags.

  • Tweeter users often follow Trending Hashtags that do not have anything to do with their own niches or brands.  It helps to get a lot of traffic to their website or offers.
  • Using these trending hashtags to promote content that you know is not related to the hashtag is essentially spamming. This is called Hashtag Spamming.  If you are really concerned about the quality of the brand you’re building online, you really cannot afford to mess around with Hashtag Spamming.
  • Focus on really targeted hashtags. These really cut to the bone of your niche. They are very specific. Now, the great thing about this type of hashtag strategy is you fine-tune your content focus. You make it clear to people on Twitter that you are genuinely interested in one particular type of content and it doesn’t really matter if the hashtag gets a lot of traffic or not.


The 140-character tweets should be used to answer the Twitter question. Answering that question once a day may be enough to let others know that you’re interested in the community.

Start Conversations

You can post what you’re doing for the day or where you plan to go for the night. Tweets are great for starting conversations. You can also re-tweet other users or send them comments.

Check your numbers regularly

It’s not good to follow many people when you have very few individuals following you. Try to achieve balance. Make sure that the one you follow will also follow you back and you should also appreciate the ones who follow you. This is the easiest way to make friends on Twitter.

Use Tools

Use tools like Tweetdeck so that you don’t need to stay online all the time. Through this application, you can divide your followers into groups. Now, you can easily track them especially when they send direct messages and replies.

Here is to your success in 2020.

Donnie Ellis

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